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Luxe and Found Versace Pocket Pillows

These Luxe and Found Versace Pocket Pillows are my morphed  Versace Couture Jeans. Upcycled, recycled, or repurposed pillows, whatever you call them, they are fun eco chic decor!

When I finished the pillows, all I had were eight square inches of fabric left.  Eco smart or what? It takes hours to unpick an article like this but it’s important to save what you can. It’s always the last scrap you throw away that’s needed for buttons.

My Luxe and Found Pillow Collection is all about upcycling interesting bits of clothing, belts or even household items, adding high end designer fabric remnants, and artistically embellishing to create a handmade, one of a kind, decorative pillow. These are absolutely fun  and to have a wee bit of Versace is just heaven! Bonus ipod pockets too. These Luxe and Found Versace pocket pillows are for sale at PillowThrowDecor. If you like em’, buy em’ quick… These cannot be duplicated!

Versace Pocket Pillow in the Luxe and Found Collection

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