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Suzani Pillows – Check These High Low Prices
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Suzani Pillows – Check These High Low Prices

modern suzani pillow

Suzani Pillow on Etsy's Front Page - Record Breaking Views and Hearts

When my suzani pillow hit Etsy’s front page, the buyers lined up waiting for me to list more! This pillow collected almost 200 hearts (bookmarks) and about 1500 views in about an hour. I was jumping on the bed with glee in between checking the number of hearts spinning higher and higher in my store.

Exhaustion overtook my excitement so I took a break with a cup of coffee and some blog reading.  Well I must have horseshoes in my pockets today because  when I started reading  StyleAtHome.com, there peaking out of the corner of the picture was my suzani pillow!!!

It’s the very same fabric, but it isn’t actually MY pillow… it is a custom made pillow for $113 (one hundred and thirteen big bucks). It’s  20×20 inches and my suzani pillow above, is 16×20 inches for $35 (thirty five itsy bitsy bucks). Maybe that explains why I had such a dog pile in my store today. I called my supplier and told them to hold the whole roll of fabric for me and then I was back jumping on the bed 🙂

Now let me get something straight here… there are  a dozen  good and valid  reasons why that custom pillow is so much more than my pillow.  I will explain all of that in a future post.  In the meantime… read the article bellow from StyleAtHome and then rush on over to PillowThrowDecor on Etsy and just go crazy on those new spring pillows I’m adding and of course the clearance pillows in the Sale Discount Section. Woo hoo! Record breaking days continue!

Need a laugh… read  the GOD of Cake Story ...  Hysterical!

Suzani pillow

Suzani pillow on left side of couch!

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