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Throw Pillows with Pet Pockets
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Pillows with Pet Pockets

Pocket Pillow for Pets

Pocket Pillow for ... Pets? TV Remote? Ipod?

Pocket Pillows are the most popular and the  most famous in the PillowThrowDecor line because of their usefulness as a decorative throw pillow and as a “holder ” of many things.  I’ve previously made an inventive list of all the things that you might stash in a pocket pillow but I am always keen to hear how people use them once they arrive in their homes.

Mark Johnson, an esteemed architect, design enthusiast and also a member of the  “What Men Want But Don’t Talk About…” focus group, shared pictures of his new pocket pillow.

Mark tells me… “My cat, Cuddles, commandeered my pocket pillow for his “essentials”.  I love the idea  of pockets to hold brushes, combs, cat toys, neatly in a chair or on a couch, where people play with their pets.”

Mark may be in for a  tug of war with his cat to regain control of the pillow as  Cuddles  looks pretty pleased  with the way things are!

Pocket Pillow for Cats

Cuddles relaxing with the Pocket Pillow

How would you use a pocket pillow? What would you store in it? Here’s  more Pocket Pillows with new ones yet to come in the Fall Collection!

Cheers Christine

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