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Pillow Giveaway 2

PillowThrowDecor Pillow Giveaway 2

This week's pillow giveaway or any other of equal value

Congrats to Lynn A that won last weeks Pillow Giveaway. For those of you that didn’t win, don’t despair, we start another  Pillow Giveaway right now!!! It is my plan to run a weekly pillow draw every week for the rest of the summer so your odds of winning something before September 1 ARE VERY GOOD!

In the picture above, you will see one of the newest additions to my pillow line… fresh flowers decorative pillow, so pretty in white, pink and chartruese green. Up for grabs this week is this 18×18″ pillow (value $39) or any other of the same value or less.

To qualify you MUST become a follower if you aren’t already then…

  1. Visit my Etsy store
  2. Copy and paste the URL in the comments in this post of the pillow you would LOVE to have.  It should look like this.  “I would love to have this pink and orange check pillow because it matches my my bedspread perfectly!”  http://www.etsy.com/listing/46615957/kelly-wearstler-inspired-pillows-in-pink
  3. OPTIONAL – tweet 5 of my previous posts and double your prize if you are the winner.  If you don’t tweet, you can instead leave 5 comments on 5 different posts. Leave an extra comment for me if you are going for the “optional”.
Me and Dear Husband

Thank you from both of us!

On a really, really, personal note… I want to say a big thank you to all of you that are so kindly following me and leaving comments too.

It gives me and Dear Husband such joy to review them together in the evenings.

He doesn’t understand anything about computers let alone blogging but he does see what interesting, fun and absolutely wonderful people I get to interact with throughout my day.

Again, we both thank you.  Cheers Christine and DH

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