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Orange Throw Pillow

Orange Throw Pillow for Sale at PillowThrowDecor... click here

Whenever I am sewing orange throw pillows, my mind is tortured by the search for the word that rhymes with orange.  Do you know it? Tell me, tell me!  While you are giving it some thought, check out new orange pillows and throws for sale in the store!

Orange throw pillow and throw Set

Orange Pillow and Throw Set Available Here...

Abstract orange pillow

Orange Decorative Throw Pillow... click here for more info

Traditional Abstract Orange pillow and throw

Fall light and bright Pillow and Throw Set... buy it here.

red tarten plaid throw

Tartan Plaid Throw

Men… I love ’em. I love  lining their caves with pillows, cushions, bear rugs, draping their walls and windows. Guy fabrics exude such personality … masculine… musky… tall-dark-handsome… for that reason, I’m mad about plaid.

While I still have many more plaid pillow panels on the cutting table, here’s a few to get you started with your fall / winter decor plans.

Think luxury! Here’s a gorgeous, slate gray, imported silk from Maxwell Fabrics. The metallic copper and gold stripes were really tough to capture in a photo but the colors are so strikingly sophisticated. No stodginess in this gray.

As with any quality, custom, decorative throw pillow, this high end fabric is the same on the back, as it is the front. The plaid pattern is matched from front to back  and also, the silk is lined / interlined with a heavy napped sateen giving it a rich hand and a smooth, soft shape.

Silk Plaid pillow

Silk Plaid Pillow with Metallic Copper Gold Stripes

This summer, while I was traveling in Europe, I saw houndstooth designs not just in home fashion but everywhere! Men’s and women’s fashion, wallpaper, rugs, everything! Blue, although it is not a strong trending color this year  in a women’s world, it is a traditional color for men. So here you have a heavy weave, houndstooth pillow with a predominate blend of cotton. It exudes a strong, reliable, masculinity. I love it and am thinking about reupholstering my husband’s den chair  in this. Multiples and custom pillow sizes are available.

Blue Houndstooth Lumbar Pillow

Blue Houndstooth Lumbar Pillow

Traditional designs include  heaps of cut velvet pillows often draped with braids and bullion fringe. Again, here’s a strong, tried-and-true blue, cut velvet, checked throw pillow that just wraps its arms around you. Clean, simple knife edge with no extra fru-fru. Ideal for a guy’s space but ladies just love to embrace a “bit of him” when he’s not there.  Here’s a throw pillow that’s rich, warm and embracing!

Velvet Guy Pillow

Traditional, Masculine, Guy Pillow

Can I ask a small  favor? If you were to Google search  for a guy pillow, can you tell me what search words would you use? Would LOVE to hear from you!

Abstract Autumn pillow

Maple Tree Pillows in Fall Colors

Canadian maple leaves start to turn colors in late August and are in full brilliance in mid/late September. My fall collection of decorative throw pillows  are designed using fabrics with lots of rich sienna, burn umber, bittersweet orange, metallic coppers and antique golds.  Stripes and paisleys are favorites!

Striped pillow in autumn red and green

Striped Throw Pillow in Ralph Lauren style of autumn reds and greens

Paisley pillow in autum reds and greens

Paisley Throw Pillow in Autumn Reds and Greens

Striped Fall Pillows

Shimmering Stripes - Fall Pillows

Fall Paisley Throw Pillows

Fall Paisley Throw Pillows

Textured Orange throw Pillow

Textured Orange Throw Pillow

Here’s more items in the New fall Collection

Create a Cushy Setting with Long Pillows

Go Wild with Animal Print Pillow Covers

Black is Back in Fall Pillows

Tell us what recent decor changes you have  made at home to get ready for winter?

Pocket Pillow for Pets

Pocket Pillow for ... Pets? TV Remote? Ipod?

Pocket Pillows are the most popular and the  most famous in the PillowThrowDecor line because of their usefulness as a decorative throw pillow and as a “holder ” of many things.  I’ve previously made an inventive list of all the things that you might stash in a pocket pillow but I am always keen to hear how people use them once they arrive in their homes.

Mark Johnson, an esteemed architect, design enthusiast and also a member of the  “What Men Want But Don’t Talk About…” focus group, shared pictures of his new pocket pillow.

Mark tells me… “My cat, Cuddles, commandeered my pocket pillow for his “essentials”.  I love the idea  of pockets to hold brushes, combs, cat toys, neatly in a chair or on a couch, where people play with their pets.”

Mark may be in for a  tug of war with his cat to regain control of the pillow as  Cuddles  looks pretty pleased  with the way things are!

Pocket Pillow for Cats

Cuddles relaxing with the Pocket Pillow

How would you use a pocket pillow? What would you store in it? Here’s  more Pocket Pillows with new ones yet to come in the Fall Collection!

Cheers Christine

Long Linen Pillows

Long Linen Pillows Available Soon

Long pillows seem so much more opulent.   A single, long couch pillow offers a chic streamlined look that works well with a modern sofa and room design.  Try a long pillow on the bed for a more romantic look and enjoy its comfort like a bolster too.  Here’s several new long pillows that have just been added to the Fall Collection and there are another 30+ being added.

Long pillow with fruit bunches

Long pillow perfect for a kitchen bench

Long pillow in yellow plaid

Fun Yellow and Blue Plaid Pillow

Long plaid pillow

Long Pillow in Playful Plaid

Long pillow in Pearly Pink

Long Pillow in Pearly Pink

Long pillow with floral and stripes

Long pillows in Sunny Yellow and Perky Flowers

Where would you put your long pillow?

Animal Prints Pillow Sets

Animal Prints Pillow Sets - Fall Throw Pillow Collection

Throw pillows with luxurious textures, rich masculine colors, durable and heavy weight designer fabrics aren’t just for men.  We know these are some of their favs according to a recent throw pillows for men survey but gals are loving the strong, dark, colors in their fall – winter decor too.

Animal prints are huge in interior design and decorating magazines right now.  My favorite ad from Sunbrella Fabrics, as seen in the September issue of House Beautiful Magazine, just cracks me up but illustrates my point very well.

Animal Print Ad by Sunbrella

So Beautiful, So Stylish, So Ready to Work the Room

Go a little crazy with animal prints this fall – winter season. They’re wild, energizing, masculine, sexy, earthy, timeless and just simply gorgeous! Mix ’em, match ’em, the more, the merrier. Here’s 6 new designs I’ve just listed in the store, some available in several different sizes, so don’t feel shy about asking for a size that’s perfect for your interior design project.

Animal print throw pillow

Perfect Guy Pillow - Durable, Washable, Wonderful - Fall Collection

… And its companion, same fabric, different print…

animal print throw pillows

Co-ordinating Animal Print Throw Pillows - Fall Collection

Anything will pair with this one…

Brown Faux Fur Animal Print Pillow

Texture! Brown Faux Fur Animal Print Pillow - Fall Collection

This one is probably my favorite…

Animal print throw pillow for dudes

Textured Animal Print Throw Pillow For Guys and Gals - Fall Collection

But this one looks best on my black leather couch…

Tiger print pillow for men

Masculine, Earthy, Energetic, Tiger Pillow - Fall Collection

And it looks awesome with this one too…

giraffe animal print pillow cover

Textures! Giraffe Print Pillow Cover - Fall Collection

What the heck… why not get one of each?

What animal prints do you have in your decor already?

Black is back and you will see it not just in throw pillows and other home accessories in the decorating magazines you’ll see it in fashion this fall too. This year’s Emmy Awards proved that black is back! There were chic little black dresses and sophisticated long black dresses walking the red carpet.

In a recent Trend Report I wrote about men’s preferences in throw pillows which highlighted the point that guys are into dark, muted and black throw pillows. that was a real inspiration and a strong direction in designing my Fall 2010 Pillow Collection.

Here is the first installment of 7 different new pillows in the collection of 100+ new pillows coming online at PillowThrowDecor in the next 2 weeks! Some pillows are in multiple sizes but not included in this list.

Black and Neutral Linen Throw Pillow

Black and Silver leaf Throw Pillow

Abstract Black and Silver Throw Pillow

Pocket Pillow in Black and Neutral

Pocket Pillow in Black and Cream Black and Gold Diagonal Pillows for Guys

Black and white floral and striped pillow

Black and White Floral Striped Throw Pillow

Black and Silver Abstract Pillow

Abstract Black and Silver Throw Pillow

Black and Gold Diagonal Pillows for Guys

Black and Gold Diagonal Pillows for Guys

Black Gold Brown Abstract pillow

Black Gold Brown Abstract pillow

Which is your favorite?

Mans Animal print  throw pillow

New in the Fall Collection - Animal Print Throw Pillow

In a  recent “on the couch survey“,  I interviewed two male focus groups to learn  intimate details about how friendly they felt towards decorative throw pillows. While they generally don’t openly ‘chat’ about throw pillows, guys have a lot to say when asked.

The first focus group, cheered on by Paul Anater of KitchenandResidentialDesign represented a group of  professional  men as interior designers or in related industries. The second group of men were some  favorite and very noteworthy techs and SEO experts such as  David Naylor. There was a third group that just weren’t into pillows. That conversation was too short to record!

My “on the couch survey” was me sitting on my couch with my laptop, emailing my select group of respondents who were also likely sitting on their couch with their laptops.  An unscientific, informal process with simple pillow questions requiring no analysis, produced some hilarious  MAN ANSWERS but mostly, some really candid opinions that should make all of us in the design world sit up and listen.

Here are my extrapolations and actionable recommendations…

1) Men either avoid, tolerate or embrace pillows. Male designers are pillow advocates because it is part of their business and they naturally gravitate to them because of the design element they can add. Male techs take their work home, usually to their sofa where undoubtedly there is a pillow(s) close by. For them it’s not just comfort but they want their space  to look good. Identify and target market the profiles of  men that  show enthusiasm for pillows.

2) If a man likes 2 pillows, he’ll still like 4, but will probably object to 12. He doesn’t want to move pillows from the couch or the bed to relax. I recommend focusing pillow inventory on sofa cushions rather than bed pillows!

3) Men use their pillows a lot!!!  A pillow’s decorative presence is not as important as its utility. They expect to use their pillows to rest their head, feet or arms. Also, pillows are used to prop their laptops and reading books. Surprisingly, a man will share, and even give up his pillow to his pet, usually a dog. Recommendation here it to avoid embellishments and fussy design / fabric features, hand painting, quilted or loose open weave fabrics. Introduce more leather, leatherettes, canvas and denims.  My pocket pillows have been a huge hit and more are coming in my fall line as guys love the dual functionality…

4) Although they didn’t ask for “washable”, men don’t want to worry about marking or making pillows dirty. Men will replace pillows more frequently when they are “worn-out” or used up (dirty?) however they won’t spend as much on them as women do.  Recommend offering more “man pillows” in lower price ranges ($20-$35 range) rather than using high-end fabrics and labor intensive designs.

5) Men often buy pillows in pairs, I suspect that it’s easy decorating for them knowing that at least two of something in the room matches. Recommend marketing pillows in multiples or a co-ordinated set of 3 or 4 so the decorating decisions are easier for them. Consider building in price incentives for multiple purchases.

6) Men prefer square pillows at least 16 inches square, all the way to 36 inches square so they can also be used for floor pillows. Rectangular pillows are less preferred except for lumbar pillows for back support on the sofa. Interestingly men avoid round pillows, bolsters or small fru fru pillows.  Recommend more 18 inch square  throw pillows with custom options for larger.

7) Men gravitate to darker colors or “earthy” colors…  some said because it hides the dirt. Dark colors are thought of  as “safe” color choices. Next choice after dark colors is tan or “neutral”, again for safe color choices.  There was some interest in “trendy” colors such as the naturals and metallics especially those that would look good with leather furniture.  Allrighty… metallics coming up!

8   Men look for either  “interesting” or “textural” statement pillows whether or not they match. In the opposite extreme othey choose pillows that “blend” in and make no statement at all. They expressed interest in animal prints, faux furs, pillows with pictures or something printed on them (face or letters), plaids, houndstooth, abstracts, solids and stripes. It’s not all the Ralph Lauren look… the gender gap in throw pillow decor is definitely narrowing.

9) Lastly, men pick pillows more from their picture than their title or their description.  Very visual!!! I recommend good pictures and label, caption and alt text your pictures so they are SEO friendly!

Men are going to be a force in the world of throw pillows. This isn’t just my opinion. Lots is being written about men, guys’ and dudes’ spaces. Yesterday’s  article at Fast Company’s Co. Design blog “If a Dude Wants Throw Pillows, Where Can he Go” describes a new shop in Brooklyn specializing in masculine interiors.

So for all of you guys, dudes, and men, you can get your throw pillows here at PillowThrowDecor… my 2010 Fall Throw Pillow Collection of over 100 different pillows is dedicated to YOU… well at least half of them are 🙂  Subscribe to  my Etsy Shop Feed or copy and paste http://www.etsy.com/shop/pillowthrowdecor/rss to see the the new throw pillows as they are listed throughout the next  week!

One last favor to ask all of you….  Below, I have compiled a list of all the words that men use to describe pillows.  So that I can make my marketing more effective …Please tell me the words that YOU would use to search Google or elsewhere on the internet to find your perfect pillow.

What Men Really Want –  Pillow Talk

Functional, comfy, unfussy, uncluttered, architecturally clean, plain, spare, cheap, simple, no muss-no fuss, straight forward, straight lined, minimal, larger scaled, muted colored, tan, brown, earthy, dark, masculine, metallic, gray, silver, bronze, pewter, black, khaki, neutral, natural, leather, plaid, tweed, herringbone, houndstooth, woolly, textural, country,  nubby texture, faux fur, stripes, sturdy, pet friendly, sophisticated, contemporary, primitive, tribal.

Multi Purpose Pocket pillow

Multi Purpose Pocket Pillow

There’s nothing that turns my crank more than multi purpose pillows and chairs  other than multi-purpose pillows and chairs from upcycled materials!

I’m obsessed with pockets for storage and convenience as you can tell by the pocket pillows  in my current pillow collection (pictured above). In a previous article, I wrote about a Pouch Couch for  Geeks, an Eastpak x Quinze & Milan’s Club Sofa 01. I lovvvve that sofa!

Then I found this fabulous chair by Stephen Schulz, a furniture and industrial designer. It starts out as a metal frame chair as pictured below…

Wire Multi Purpose Chair

Wire Multi Purpose "Compfy Cargo Chair" by Steven Schulz

The beauty of this chair is you can stuff it with all kinds of things such as reading material…

multi purpose chair

Multi Purpose Chair with Upcycled Reading Material

Or stuff it full of stuffies…

Multipurpose teddy bear chair

Multi Purpose Stuffy Chair by Steven Schulz

I think this pocket pillow would be perfect on this chair too!

Multi purpose pocket pillow for kids

Multi Purpose pocket pillow for kids

What would you stuff in this chair at your house?

Man Pocket Pillow

Pocket Pillow - A Man's Favorite - New Fall Collection

Men use them, abuse them, hug ’em and love ’em… decorative throw pillows that is!

Pillow Talk? Men generally don’t like discussing pillows.  However, I did  interview a very select group of  men, some of which was reported in a previous post  “throw pillows for men survey”.  Marketing research like this is worth thousands of dollars and hundreds of laughs!

Four  short, simple questions were asked…

1)  How many throw pillows are in your living room?

2)  Do you use them to rest your head or feet or avoid them altogether?

3)  If you were forced to buy a throw pillow today would you pick light or dark?

4)  If you have a favorite pillow can you describe it for me?

Here’s 10 MAN ANSWERS that will make you smile…

“…36  in the entire house… eight rooms – average of 4.5 pillows per room, excluding the pillows on the beds. They bread like rabbits…  we only had one throw pillow when we moved into the house six years ago…” Steve Jagger

“If I was forced to buy a pillow today, I would obviously be under duress and not in control”

“I don’t like pillows, they are part of the clutter.  My wife seems to have left her modernist roots to become a pillow person – odd!”

“Thanks for keeping the questions simple and direct so they did not confuse my sorry man-brain!” David Noland (Microbiology Researcher by day and Design Hound by night)

“…pillows that the wife bought… they are all very stout and un-karate-chopable … I am anti-karate chop…” Bob Borson (Architect)

A minimalist bachelor said… “If I had a couch, I would definitely like throw pillows”

“Pillows?… I have nothing against them… I sleep with one every night”

“… Pillows?… I don’t ever remember seeing any…”  Chris Brogan’s house (Leading Blogging Expert)

“…I’d like to say I use them but the dogs tend to think we supply pillows for them”… Nick Lovelady (Cupboard Expert)

“…Two Tibetan Lamb Pillows  now live in my wardrobe. Why? I can hear you asking. I mean they weren’t cheap at £60 each, but the first time I fell asleep on one, I woke up with a mouth full of wool and had that awful feeling  I may have just eaten a live lamb ” …  Dave Naylor SEO Expert and lover of Throw Pillows

Seriously…  I gleaned so much valuable information and inspiration in the MAN ANSWERS that my Fall Collection (100+ new pillows) reflects some of these new insights. The more technical aspects of my research will be reported next week.

I’m still collecting information on the above 4 questions so if you have some thoughts please jot them down here!

Cheers Christine

Black and Silver Pillow

Textured Black and Silver Abstract Pillow - Fall Collection

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