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Lonny Lifestyle Decor Magazine

Lonny Magazine Free Internet Read on Decor and Lifestyle

YAY! Lonny March/ April issue is live just in time for my weekend read. I love curling up on the sofa with my laptop and reading all the great decor articles I’ve marked during the week. A pot of coffee and a plate of cookies and I’m actually able to sit still for a couple of hours.

There is something about a new magazine for me… whether print or online… first thing I do is whip through the pages to see what kind of decorative throw pillows or drapery fabrics are featured. I’m thrilled when I see exact or at least “looks like” fabrics that I use for decorative throw pillows in my Etsy store.

My really quick peek found page 116 with burgundy and white ikat pillows with an offset side panel. The fabric is quite highend and far more expensive than the type that I am carrying in my store.

Decorative Throw Pillows in Lonny Magazine

Burgundy Decorative Throw Pillows in Lonny Magazine

Those decorative throw pillows (above) are gorgeous…. but then so are mine (my opinion). Below you see the same type of ikat print but the ovals are flatter. The pillow below is for sale a special promotional price of $29. Next week, I have this fabric coming in black.  I will do another High /Low look for you in the black and white.

Green and White Decorative Throw Pillow in Ikat Fabric

Green and White Decorative Throw Pillow in Ikat Fabric

So put your feet up, grabba cup of joe and enjoy your new edition of the Lonny Magazine.  I would love to hear from you about which was your favorite article so come on back!  Cheers Christine

Dabble Magazine

Dable Magazine - Free Online

Looks like another rainy day weekend here, so I’m going to curl up with a cup of coffee and the  launch issue of  Dabble Magazine…  the newest online lifestyle magazine.

Dabble brings you inspiration with  the best interiors and introduces you to designers, decorators, architects, stagers and stylists from around the globe. Take a guided tour of central Europe with Kimberly Sheldon  and experience the sights,  sounds and scents of far away places or plan a  really cool DIY project of  faux-panelled walls  … Lots of good stuff in this inaugural issue of Dabble Magazine. Enjoy!

French Script Pillows
French Script Pillows at PillowThrowDecor on Etsy

With French script pillows being all the rage you can imagine my delight in finding the same French script fabric on Horchows “Maison Script” Ottoman pictured below. This is a beautifully textured linen blend printed with all the top international spots you would love to sit and have a cup of coffee.

French script ottoman from Horchow
French script ottoman from Horchow

Exclusive to Horchow, these sweet little ottomans at $399 each  make a beautiful statement by themselves or two together as a coffee table. Or get the look with two or three matching pillows at $25 each at PillowThrowDecor on etsy. What a deal, eh?

modern suzani pillow

Suzani Pillow on Etsy's Front Page - Record Breaking Views and Hearts

When my suzani pillow hit Etsy’s front page, the buyers lined up waiting for me to list more! This pillow collected almost 200 hearts (bookmarks) and about 1500 views in about an hour. I was jumping on the bed with glee in between checking the number of hearts spinning higher and higher in my store.

Exhaustion overtook my excitement so I took a break with a cup of coffee and some blog reading.  Well I must have horseshoes in my pockets today because  when I started reading  StyleAtHome.com, there peaking out of the corner of the picture was my suzani pillow!!!

It’s the very same fabric, but it isn’t actually MY pillow… it is a custom made pillow for $113 (one hundred and thirteen big bucks). It’s  20×20 inches and my suzani pillow above, is 16×20 inches for $35 (thirty five itsy bitsy bucks). Maybe that explains why I had such a dog pile in my store today. I called my supplier and told them to hold the whole roll of fabric for me and then I was back jumping on the bed 🙂

Now let me get something straight here… there are  a dozen  good and valid  reasons why that custom pillow is so much more than my pillow.  I will explain all of that in a future post.  In the meantime… read the article bellow from StyleAtHome and then rush on over to PillowThrowDecor on Etsy and just go crazy on those new spring pillows I’m adding and of course the clearance pillows in the Sale Discount Section. Woo hoo! Record breaking days continue!

Need a laugh… read  the GOD of Cake Story ...  Hysterical!

Suzani pillow

Suzani pillow on left side of couch!

So Many Pillows Sold This Weekend!

So Many Pillows Sold This Weekend

I’m grinning from ear to ear because it was a record breaking weekend selling designer decorative pillows in my online store as well as here with my local customers.

You’ll be grinning too when you jump on this fantastic sale of more than 50  different designer pillows marked down 50% to 80% for a huge clearance.  Many of them are in multiples and can still be made in custom sizes. These aren’t uglies or seconds… I am just clearing some pillows off the shelves for my spring line. My cutting table is heaped up with some absolutely gorgeous decorative spring fabric!

So just click here and get silly with the shopping cart! Fill ‘er up with pillows, pillows and more pillows!  🙂

Repurposed rag chair

Repurposed Rag Chair – Droog Design Photo

Look at all that fabulous fabric, neatly stacked,  bundled and bound in steel straps.  Boy, I would have a tough time keeping my fingers from prying through the layers, pulling out bits of material here and there.

The Rag Chair is all about repurposing fabric, clothes or rags  in  new ways to create fun, interesting and really comfortable chairs.  Designed by Tejo Remy,  for Droog Design, the chair apparently sells somewhere between $4,500 and $5,000 but you should confirm that when you place your order. Considering that the Rag Chair is in the permanent collection at the Central Museum Utrecht, The Netherlands, and the Vitra Design Museum Weil am Rhein, Germany that’s not a bad price for functional art!

Repurposed Fabric Rag Chair

Photo by Droog

It takes about 15 bags of rags to make a chair like this and it weighs in at 125 lbs. Wouldn’t it be fun to go through our closets and tie one up? It will be like making a time  capsule for our kids to open up in 50 years…. even better than an old photo album!

In the picture below, it looks like she bundled all of her clothes up and is now moaning….” oh Gawwwd I have nothing to wear”

Repurposed Fabric Rag Chair

Photo by Droog

So what do you think?… If money were no object would you have one of these in your home?

Repurposed Furniture from recycled decorating magazines

Table manufactured from shredded decorating magazines

My eco  consciousness with home decorating magazines goes as far as passing them along to friends, but only after I have cannibalized the best pages for my idea file. It has occurred to me that the remainder of these lovely glossy pages will eventually end up in a  landfill.  But when I read the Treehugger article about this repurposed table, I was relieved to know that someone else was taking responsibility for the huge paper waste that I contribute to.

Studio Jens Praet has created the Shredded Collection ’11 which is manufactured with shredded paper confetti and resin. This table was made from 26 kilograms or about 57 lbs. of Fast Company magazine leftovers.

Repurposed Design Magazines New Table

57 lbs. of repurposed design magazines in this new table

Eco-consciousness in my business, Just For looks Custom Drapery, is founded on efficient use of materials in drapery and upholstery design with a secondary fabrication of remnants into decorative throw pillows… hence PillowThrowDecor.  I donate my unusable scraps to quilting guilds and teaching groups so I can smugly report that I have almost 0% waste.

I’ve lived quite happily in my “Eco Green LaLa Land” until I read a really conscious pricking article “SHED and the Meaning of Sustainable Design” by interior designer  Cynthia Mason of  The  Exuberant Home.  Cynthia succinctly highlighted the viewpoints of 4 top-level thinkers and doers of sustainable design. As a sub-trade of the  interior design industry, my most profound message from this was  ” our job is to  educate clients about sus­tain­able choices and one by one, ini­ti­ate change”. Gulp.   And…. we should  adopt a philosophy whereby… dis­pos­able becomes an unfash­ion­able and ulti­mately unthink­able con­cept”. Gasp!

It’s just not good enough anymore to promote buying “green” stuff.  This great “green” stuff was turquoise last year and honeysuckle this year.

I’m pointing a finger at my self first, because in selling a client on new draperies, I create a  design obsolescence  by sensationalizing trends and “the color of the year”. Draperies are almost always replaced long before they are functionally obsolete.  Good interior design should last for years however many of us (me included) are easily influenced by the wave of ripping, tearing and redecorating that’s become a leading recreational activity.

Encouraging our renovation clients to incorporate green products into their projects is  getting it only half right.  The other half is disposing of  the renovation ‘rubbish’ in an ecologically responsible way by passing materials on to be used as is, or for remanufacture, into something useful. I can always find a new home for old drapes but what do I do with flat foam sofa cushions?  Any suggestions?

Here’s a must read article by interior designer Michelle Wiebe“Reclaimed Wood in Your Interiors“.  She lists excellent examples of companies and their products that  incorporate repurposed wood  into new design elements.

Repurposed wood panneling

Repurposed Wood Paneling

Michelle asks us, “Who would have thought that old barns, farm houses, and gymnasium seating could find a new use in your home? …Being green isn’t only saving the Earth’s resources, but it’s beautifying your home at the same time.”  She also suggests, “Ask your interior design professional about kitchen options for countertops, cabinets and gorgeous shelving alternatives”.

So… Let’s ask Paul Anater of  Kitchen and Residential Design  Blog and his BLOGOFF Group or even Leslie Carothers (some of my favorite voices in the design community)…

What are some of our sustainable choices?

How can we, as indi­vid­u­als, initiate change?

I’m hoping that they might adopt these questions, as a Blogoff or an #interiordesignchat on Twitter,  to identify and promote repurposed interior design ideas and help further development of sustainable choices.

In the meantime,  my mission will be to educate myself and hopefully you my readership, by regularly sharing “Repurposed Design” information.  Please give some thought to leaving a comment below about  any repurposed products, ideas  or websites  that source sustainable interior design products AND ESPECIALLY green products remanufactured from construction /renovation waste. Any ideas?

upcycled plumbing dog

Canine creation from upcycled plumbing bits.

Humorous cake story

The Only thing That Matters is Cake by Hyperbole and a Half

I’m sick.

Apparently I am not dying.

I think cake is better than Aspirin.

Oh Oh…  I’ve been sick for longer than I thought… no cake left.

So I read this cake story by Hyperbole and a Half.  I laughed and laughed and then I ordered this T-shirt.

Do I look Pretty t-shirt

Do I look Pretty T-Shirt from Hyperbole and a Half

I feel better already… that’s called retail therapy.  But I still want cake…

god of Cake

I need some cake... NOW!!!

Now go and read the God of Cake story… it will stay with you forever … then BRING ME SOME CAKE… and I will love you always!

Floral Pillows

Bold Floral Pillows

Bold graphics and earthy botanicals for your decorative throw pillows or drapery are what’s in for this spring and I don’t know about you, I can’t wait for spring!!! A selection of these gorgeous red floral pillows mixed with these red, blue, green, yellow and white striped pillows is just what’s needed to splash some cheerful color in your living room.

Colorful striped pillows for sale on Etsy

Finish the whole ensemble with velvety suede textured pillows in a lively chartreuse green.

Textured green pillow

Velvety Textured Green Pillow

These are just a few of the new decorative throw pillows you can check out in my Spring 2011 Collection for sale at PillowThrowDecor. Sample priced in limited quantities.

Check out more decorative throw pillows from the 2011 Spring Collection

Cheap and Cheerful Spring Pillows

Luxury Floral Spring Pillows

Do you have any spring decorating plans? You should see my list!!!

Ivy and Piper Online Magazine

Saving decor magazines for rainy day reading some how legitimizes goofing off when I should be working on a stack of  throw pillows and drapery panels.  But it is the weekend, and I’ve earned some time to relax and soak up some fun and inspiration. Here’s 3 FREE ONLINE Home Decor / Lifestyle Magazines that I have had stacked up in my reading pile. Just click on the following highlighted text links.

The Ivy and  Piper Magazine  2011 (above) is a newly released issue.

The Ivy and Piper Magazine 2010 and  Beautiful Kitchens 2010 (below) have been around for a wee bit.  No matters, each of them have tons of fabulous pictures and editorials that are worthy of saving in an idea file.

It’s sounds like a ferocious rain storm outside. Dear Hubs is reclined in his chair totally absorbed  in the hockey game and I’m tucked in on the love seat with my blankie  and my laptop finishing my rainy day reading. Life is good.  🙂  What are your favorite magazines?

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Beautiful Kitchens Online Magazine

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