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Comparison of Mens and Womens Spring and Fall Colors 2011 – Pantone Trend Watch
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Comparison of Mens and Womens Spring and Fall Colors 2011

Spring colors 2011

Gorgeous Spring Colors

Unlike women, men aren’t always able to articulate or even inclined to openly discuss their color preferences  for their home and apparel  fashion.  However, in my recent survey about mens’ throw pillow preferences, I learned that men have definite opinions about color and style.

Women are very different in their discussions about colors! We mention spring, fall, winter and summer colors almost daily and women like me tend to obsess about them. Every year, when Pantone announces the color of the year (Honeysuckle for 2011) I aim a paint brush at our front hall.  Professionally, because of my soft home furnishings business, Just for Looks Custom Drapery, it is imperative that I stay current on color trends. Practically, however, Dear Husband, with his own definite opinion about colors, helps restrain me through these color addictions.

For both men and women, current colors influence not only our wardrobe and home decor, but also our vehicle choices and even the advertising that we respond to.

Pantone is the leading  authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries.  The PANTONE FASHION + HOME Color System is the foundation for which their seasonal FASHION COLOR REPORT is derived. PANTONE surveys fashion designers to collect feedback  on color collections, inspirations and philosophies.

Interestingly, as seen in the reports below there are only subtle differences in the colors for men and women in the spring line up as well as the fall line up.


Pantone's Spring Colors for Men

Womens Spring Colors 2011

Womens Spring Colors 2011

Here are the Fall Colors

Mens Fall Colors 2011

Mens Fall Colors 2011

Womens fall colors 2011

Womens fall colors 2011

Pantone presents really interesting and informative narratives about their choices in these detailed color reports.

I would love to hear which colors are your favorites and how you ARE or AREN’T going to add these colors in your home this year. Talk to me 🙂

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