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Men Say the Darndest Things – Pillow Talk about Throw Pillows
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Men Say the Darndest Things – Pillow Talk

Man Pocket Pillow

Pocket Pillow - A Man's Favorite - New Fall Collection

Men use them, abuse them, hug ’em and love ’em… decorative throw pillows that is!

Pillow Talk? Men generally don’t like discussing pillows.  However, I did  interview a very select group of  men, some of which was reported in a previous post  “throw pillows for men survey”.  Marketing research like this is worth thousands of dollars and hundreds of laughs!

Four  short, simple questions were asked…

1)  How many throw pillows are in your living room?

2)  Do you use them to rest your head or feet or avoid them altogether?

3)  If you were forced to buy a throw pillow today would you pick light or dark?

4)  If you have a favorite pillow can you describe it for me?

Here’s 10 MAN ANSWERS that will make you smile…

“…36  in the entire house… eight rooms – average of 4.5 pillows per room, excluding the pillows on the beds. They bread like rabbits…  we only had one throw pillow when we moved into the house six years ago…” Steve Jagger

“If I was forced to buy a pillow today, I would obviously be under duress and not in control”

“I don’t like pillows, they are part of the clutter.  My wife seems to have left her modernist roots to become a pillow person – odd!”

“Thanks for keeping the questions simple and direct so they did not confuse my sorry man-brain!” David Noland (Microbiology Researcher by day and Design Hound by night)

“…pillows that the wife bought… they are all very stout and un-karate-chopable … I am anti-karate chop…” Bob Borson (Architect)

A minimalist bachelor said… “If I had a couch, I would definitely like throw pillows”

“Pillows?… I have nothing against them… I sleep with one every night”

“… Pillows?… I don’t ever remember seeing any…”  Chris Brogan’s house (Leading Blogging Expert)

“…I’d like to say I use them but the dogs tend to think we supply pillows for them”… Nick Lovelady (Cupboard Expert)

“…Two Tibetan Lamb Pillows  now live in my wardrobe. Why? I can hear you asking. I mean they weren’t cheap at £60 each, but the first time I fell asleep on one, I woke up with a mouth full of wool and had that awful feeling  I may have just eaten a live lamb ” …  Dave Naylor SEO Expert and lover of Throw Pillows

Seriously…  I gleaned so much valuable information and inspiration in the MAN ANSWERS that my Fall Collection (100+ new pillows) reflects some of these new insights. The more technical aspects of my research will be reported next week.

I’m still collecting information on the above 4 questions so if you have some thoughts please jot them down here!

Cheers Christine

Black and Silver Pillow

Textured Black and Silver Abstract Pillow - Fall Collection

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  • Nick @ Cupboards September 12, 2010, 2:06 pm

    So funny! Right as I’m reading this is glanced over to the couch and recliner. Both dogs are perched on a pillow like they are the King and Queen of the castle. Sheesh!

  • PillowThrowDecor September 13, 2010, 5:15 am

    LOL… Obviously they think the furniture is just for them too!

  • Cristina September 13, 2010, 10:11 am

    Funny post 🙂 My cats think that all pillows are theirs…

  • PillowThrowDecor September 13, 2010, 2:20 pm

    Smart cats! I wonder how pets would react to faux fur pillows?

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