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Lonny Magazine March / April Issue Live Online For Free Weekend Reading
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Lonny Magazine March/April Issue Online For Free Weekend Read

Lonny Lifestyle Decor Magazine

Lonny Magazine Free Internet Read on Decor and Lifestyle

YAY! Lonny March/ April issue is live just in time for my weekend read. I love curling up on the sofa with my laptop and reading all the great decor articles I’ve marked during the week. A pot of coffee and a plate of cookies and I’m actually able to sit still for a couple of hours.

There is something about a new magazine for me… whether print or online… first thing I do is whip through the pages to see what kind of decorative throw pillows or drapery fabrics are featured. I’m thrilled when I see exact or at least “looks like” fabrics that I use for decorative throw pillows in my Etsy store.

My really quick peek found page 116 with burgundy and white ikat pillows with an offset side panel. The fabric is quite highend and far more expensive than the type that I am carrying in my store.

Decorative Throw Pillows in Lonny Magazine

Burgundy Decorative Throw Pillows in Lonny Magazine

Those decorative throw pillows (above) are gorgeous…. but then so are mine (my opinion). Below you see the same type of ikat print but the ovals are flatter. The pillow below is for sale a special promotional price of $29. Next week, I have this fabric coming in black.  I will do another High /Low look for you in the black and white.

Green and White Decorative Throw Pillow in Ikat Fabric

Green and White Decorative Throw Pillow in Ikat Fabric

So put your feet up, grabba cup of joe and enjoy your new edition of the Lonny Magazine.  I would love to hear from you about which was your favorite article so come on back!  Cheers Christine

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