Lonny Magazine March April 2012: Home Decor, Weekend Reading

by Christine on March 10, 2012

Lonny Magazine -  Home Decor Ideas, Free Online Reading

Lonny Magazine March April 2012 Edition

Saturday morning and it’s raining again, but at least I get to read my Lonny Magazine that JUST ARRIVED in my inbox.

At a glance, this edition is even better than the last. Their photography is just amazing and I especially love their sourcing information and interactive links to everything that catches my attention. Usually I’m just into the home decor but this time every page is full of  inspiration for me…. OMG look at this purse…

Purse with bow front

Amazing Purse with a Chanel Look

I think I love this purse so much because it would look spectacular on a pillow front.   See… that is what I mean by creative inspiration! Fashion and home decor are so interrelated and together can influence advertising, manufacturing and a lot more!

Lonny Magazine - Home Decor Reading

Bohemian Rhapsody

I am so absorbed by Bohemian design lately,  probably because it is such a strong decorative pillow trend.  Gasp!… check out the drapery canopy above.  Note to self… I need to start selling drapery clients on this look – must make up samples.  I think I may start with this article on page 186 and work my way backwards through the magazine.

Curl up with your laptop this weekend  and  Lonny Magazine March April 2012 Edition  Have a good soak in brilliant creativity and fresh design.  Pop back here and tell us what your favorite bits were.  Cheers Christine


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