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Girls Fun Novelty Pillow – Me and My Sisters

Girls Fun Novelty Pillow

Me n' My Sisters

I’ve been giggling ever since I bought the fabric for this fun, girls’ novelty pillow because it really tells the story of  “me n’ my sisters”. If you look closely you can see that is me  front and center, my MUCH older sister on the left, and my MUCH, MUCH older sister on the right.

I am the TRUE fabric artisan in this family and they are just posers although they are remarkably good cooks. For all the years that I suffered through “no you, can’t…you’re too little” it is payback time! Now it is ME sayin’ “no you can’t… you’re too old”. They’d knock my head off if I ever said they were too big. Ha ha… I’m getting even but for heaven’s sake don’t tell them I told you so.

At age 14, I bought my very first sewing machine, an Elna Supermatic, and of course Kay and Emm  bought one too.  I more recently bought a Janome computerized embroidery machine. They bought one too.  Kay and Emm stock pile fabric but I have them beat with 13 sewing machines and 1000 yards of fabric.  A drapery and upholstery business  is an excusable and even expected reason to have lots of  “stuff”.

I’m so lucky to have sisters with whom I can share my passions with…   my compulsive fabric shopping and sewing machine collecting isn’t quite so obvious to my dear husband when he sees what they cart home.  However, the other day he did ask me why I had a 108 spool, thread-stand  adorning the living room fireplace.

“Because Emm has one in her living room”, I answered.

” Oh……, of course”, he said.

Did I mention we three sisters have a thread collection that could top-stitch a hem from here to Europe?

By the way this decorative  pillow is part of a collection of fun, girly, novelty pillows I am introducing this year.

Are you and your sisters ‘sewing stashers’ too? Tell me about it I won’t feel so guilty :).

Collection of 108 spools for embroidering pillows

A sample of my thread collection

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  • GalleriaLinda June 12, 2010, 1:55 pm

    I am amazed that you all sew! Of course, you are the Queen of it all. I love the huge thread case – it is a work of art in itself! Fun posts!

  • PillowThrowDecor June 12, 2010, 2:47 pm

    Well one does… the other one just talks about it and shops like a pro. We do have a lot of fun with it, whether or not we get anything accomplished is another matter 🙂

  • Thelewisgirls November 23, 2011, 12:03 am

    NOT Mary Engelbreit, Loralie Designs.

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