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Geek Meets Cotton Monsters – Artistic Pillows and Toys
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Geek Meets Cotton Monsters – Artistic Pillows Toys

Cotton Monster handmade Toy

Gertrudal by Cotton Monster on Etsy

Gertrudal Big Cotton Monster, ONE-OF-A-KIND pieces of art is just one cuddly creature of a whole collection, brilliantly designed and  handmade by Jennifer Strunge.  The best part is that these little toy creatures are constructed of recycled clothes, blankets and sheets, items that would otherwise be destined to the landfill.  Jennifer markets her monsters  at CottonMonsters on Etsy and they truly are irresistible. I’m deciding which one looks most like my grandson… strangely they all have a strong family resemblance.   Gertrudal reminds me of one of my older sisters…. OMG, did I actually write that???

Jennifer has done remarkably well with over 856 sales of these adorable creatures …. and remember that each one of them is one of a kind. Some of the following pictures are of her past creations but hurry and visit her store  as obviously they fly off the shelves!

Cotton monster Art

Cotton Monster Art

Cotton Monster Toy 3

Cotton Monster...Reminds me of an old boyfriend...eek!

Cotton Monster Art

Reminds me of my grade 3 teacher!

Cotton Monster 5

Cotton Monster...everyone should have one!

Now aren’t they fun? I really, really want one!  The problem is however, the pillow fairies are all freaked out and Geek is right proper ticked. He is so jealous that there is going to be something cuter than him  in this house. He’ll just have to suck it up but I will at least include his picture here.  Say something nice about him in the comments, he’ll feel better then. 🙂

Geek Pillow with Video Dreadlocks

Geek Pillow with Video Dreadlocks and Serious ATTITUDE!

Say something!

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  • Kelly February 9, 2011, 7:47 pm

    Geek is the handsomest black faux ostrich leather cushion with red glasses and cables that I’ve ever seen 🙂

    Now can I say that the Cotton Monsters are super-cool?!

    • PillowThrowDecor February 10, 2011, 12:30 am

      ha ha … Geek is soooo happy! He’s grinning from ear to ear. Thanks so much Kelly… that takes a lot of pressure of of me!!!

  • Penelope February 10, 2011, 6:47 pm

    Oh my! I REALLY like them!

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