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Funky Multi Purpose Pillows and Chairs

Multi Purpose Pocket pillow

Multi Purpose Pocket Pillow

There’s nothing that turns my crank more than multi purpose pillows and chairs  other than multi-purpose pillows and chairs from upcycled materials!

I’m obsessed with pockets for storage and convenience as you can tell by the pocket pillows  in my current pillow collection (pictured above). In a previous article, I wrote about a Pouch Couch for  Geeks, an Eastpak x Quinze & Milan’s Club Sofa 01. I lovvvve that sofa!

Then I found this fabulous chair by Stephen Schulz, a furniture and industrial designer. It starts out as a metal frame chair as pictured below…

Wire Multi Purpose Chair

Wire Multi Purpose "Compfy Cargo Chair" by Steven Schulz

The beauty of this chair is you can stuff it with all kinds of things such as reading material…

multi purpose chair

Multi Purpose Chair with Upcycled Reading Material

Or stuff it full of stuffies…

Multipurpose teddy bear chair

Multi Purpose Stuffy Chair by Steven Schulz

I think this pocket pillow would be perfect on this chair too!

Multi purpose pocket pillow for kids

Multi Purpose pocket pillow for kids

What would you stuff in this chair at your house?

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  • Spider Office Chairs September 15, 2010, 10:14 am

    It’s really funky and multi purpose pillows and chairs. I think for chairs creativity is at it’s best. Nice one !!

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