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Father’s Day Pillow Treats for Your Guy
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10 Ideas – Father’s Day Pillow Treats

Pocket Pillow in Faux Brown leather

Top 10 Pillow Treats

Of course you can give your husband or your dad a pillow for Father’s Day.  You have already bought him a fishing rod, workbench, tool chest and a paisley tie, what’s left? A pocket pillow! What will make it even better is all the different things  you can stash in the pockets for a double surprise. Let me suggest:

  1. Garmin GPS
  2. Gift certificate to Home Depot or Sports Shop
  3. Blue tooth headset
  4. Leatherman pocket tool
  5. Video Spy Pen
  6. Wireless TV headphones
  7. Cool retro sunglasses
  8. Swiss Army Knife with 8 GB USB flash drive
  9. Blood pressure cuff
  10. Pocket pillow from PillowThrowDecor

Pillow treats  aren’t just limited to Father’s Day or Birthdays.  Leave prezzies all year round with little love notes, IOU’s for car wash and vacuum, certificate for a back rub and foot massage.  They’re just another way to show your love and make him feel special.

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