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Ethnic Pillows in Indian, African, Asian Decor

Ethnic Pillow Decor

Ethnic Pillow available at Pillowthrowdecor

Ethnic pillows offer endless options to spice up your living space. Ethnic interior decorating is a popular trend that injects drama, eye appeal and fun in your atmosphere. It’s eclectic, festive, organic, colourful and most of all, unique… it can be whatever you want it to be.

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There’s many different ethnicities to focus on.  Decorate your room in one unified cultural theme or create several ethnic vignettes  by grouping objects together geographically or historically.

An eclectic mix of modern and traditional furniture tied together in a neutral colour scheme is the perfect stage for your ethnic collections. “Eclections” can be the slippery slope to cluttered mass, so keep the design on track by establishing unifying elements… usually through colour, line and scale.  Ethnic pillows are a quick and easy fix to pull things together!

Indian Home Décor is very popular today because of its versatility and rich colour schemes.  Also contributing to its popularity is the huge influx of  Indian fabrics in our North American textile markets.

Look for very ornate hand carved chests, nesting tables, folding screens and other wood furniture in exotic woods. Carved ivory, colourful pillows, floor pillows, table runners, wall tapestries  and sari style window drapes in lush materials such as satin, cashmere, and silk are significant also.

African Decorating. This ethnic style emphasizes the native culture, safari and/or jungle elements.

Fabrics are bold, textured, tribal and often animal themed. Their colours are warm, earthy and organic in rich browns, orange, golds, with black as an accent color. There’s room for rich woods in furnishings and masks with large, stylized details, rather than intricate carvings as in the Indian home decor.

Asian Decorating. Asian interior decorating emphasizes many different ethnic regions but common to all of its varying themes is a sense of peace, tranquility and care.

Asian interiors are well planned and arranged to increase a sense of harmony and peacefulness.  Key to this ethnic theme is furniture made of bamboo or black lacquered wood, ceramics and stone.  Wood furniture is intricately carved often telling a story. Fabric design and coordinating embellishments are also intricately finished in deep, rich tones of reds, oranges, golds and blacks. Flowers, bamboo, birds, and black ink drawings are consistent with this ethnic décor also.

There are other ethnic decorating themes, however not as prominent right now as the above mentioned. Do you have any favorite sources for ethnic pillows and accessories? What’s your favourite ethnic item in your home?

Ethnic Pillow at PillowThrowDecor

Ethnic Pillow on sale at PillowThrowDecor

Ethnic Animal pillow

Animal Pillow on sale at PillowThrowDecor

Ethnic Pillow

Ethnic Pillow on sale at PillowThrowDecor

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