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House of Fifty Online Magazine

Free Online Magazine – House of Fifty Summer 2012


The summer edition of House of Fifty is a very impressive lifestyle magazine that is definitely on  my Sunday morning reading list. Their photography is amazing with double page spreads of  stunning design and decorating ideas. They are unexpectedly different with their layout… very engaging!

So, I’ve put the coffee on and my first article to read  is “Does your Decor Tell Your Age”…. OH OH! Gawwwd, I don’t mind if my decor tells my age… I just don’t want it discussing my MENOPAUSE!!! Arghhhh!

Lifestyle Magazine House of Fifty

Does Your Decor Tell Your Age???

Get ready to be inspired regardless of your age.  House of Fifty  Summer 2012 is a highly recommended read. Enjoy!


Mom Rules Humorous text pillow

Humorous text pillow every mother would love because MOM RULES!!!

Honor  Mom on Mother’s Day or any day of the year with throw pillows that have a text message that says I love and respect you! After all, it is Mom that usually settles the kids’ squabbles, balances the checkbook and enforces bedtime.

I  remember when my brother out grew Mom’s height by the time he was 13, at which time he believed he was exempt from mowing the lawn.  My Mom would stand tall with one hand on her hip and the  other holding a broom. She never said it, but we knew that look meant, “DO IT or I will knock your block off”.  I actually never saw my mom raise a hand but she would poke the air with “that finger” like she was dialing God on a touch tone phone.  And when MOM finished a sentence with “… and that’s a Holy Promise” we knew that was calling on the ultimate enforcer.

My Mom is such an angel and to this day is a pillow of strength, oops, that’s a pillar of strength and encouragement. On her fridge, she has a remnant of a greeting card… “Always Have a Dream” and daily, she  inspires me, my kids and my grand kids.

Inspirational throw pillow with words

Inspirational Words on a Pillow… Have a dream


Yes… Mom always makes me feel special and so does my dear husband. Every morning and evening is signaled with a kiss and an “I love you”

I Love My Wifey Text Pillow

A Pillow with a Daily Message of Love

Like my Mom, my husband is a VERY smart man! He comes home from work and there I am at my sewing machine in my pajama bottoms, my old, gray, threadbare, sweater and with my ponytail sticking out like a paintbrush and he says…

Flirty Pillow Talk: hey gorgeous text

Tell her she’s pretty with this flirty HEY GORGEOUS text pillow


Or when I’m crabby, he lies and tells me this…

Yellow Hello Sunshine Text Pillow

Hello Sunshine Text Pillow…. When her smile lights up your day

Or, when I pay more attention to my laptop than to him he says…

I Love Nerds Pillow Talk

I love Nerds Pillow Talk


A few weeks ago, my son called me to ask how to cook a turkey. Hysterical!!! I can cut baseboards, prune a hedge, build a fence but I cannot cook a turkey so I said…

Ask Mom Pillow Talk

Ask Mom Pillow Talk… because Mom’s know everything!

I wish I could be more like my Mom. She ‘s an amazing gardener and in the summer, traffic always slows down in front of her house so that people can have a longer look at her colorful, prize winning, gardens.

Bright Bohemian Floral Pillows

Bright Eco Chic Floral Pillow… Flowers for Mom

Mom is always so friendly too.  At church she is generous with hugs for the aged and the lonesome. Mom just opens her arms and her kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren run to her for a big bear hug. My mom’s hugs always make the world right and bright again.

Bear Hugs throw Pillow

Bear Hugs Pillow for Mom because her hugs make everything right and bright!

Mom is kind and friendly and loves all of God’s creatures….

Love Cats and Dogs Throw Pillow

Mom Loves all of God’s Creatures

I’m trying to adopt Mom’s  loving attitude but I often see the neighbors cat as …

Humorous Evil cat pillow

Evil Cat Pillow … a bad kitty digs in my flowerbeds

I actually love pets… but I have rules. No cats or dogs were allowed on the couch. With a drapery / pillow business we no longer have pets though.

No Cat or dog allowed text pillows

I love pets but not on the couch!!!

My Mom has the patience of a saint. I just don’t know how she does it.  She shoulders our tears, listens to our whining and prays to God on our behalf.  Yet some days, all it takes is one goofy message  from X (everyone knows at least one annoying person)  and I’m on the edge of p*ssy mad for the rest of the day.

Make My Day Text Pillow

Go Ahead…Make My Day Text Pillow – For Those Don’t Mess with Mom Days

Mom is always so cheerful and happy in spite of what might be painful to her.

Inspirational Be Happy Throw Pillow

This Be Happy Throw Pillow Reminds Me to Be More Like Mom

Every day, but especially on Mother’s Day, I realize the infinite supply of unconditional love Mom has for all of her children.

Love Message- Pillow Talk Pillow

I Love My Mom Pillow

On Mother’s Day remember to tell your Mom, or your wife, how much you love her. Say it with pillows or with flowers (pillows last longer)… or any way that you can. Make Mother’s Day all about Mom.  Hugs to all the Moms reading this.








Ivy and Piper March 2012 - FREE Home Decor Online MagazineI’m on a reading roll! Having just finished  my last free online home decor magazine in my previous post,  I’m on to the next.  While only 57 pages, Ivy and Piper Magazine March April 2012 Edition, is pixel packed! It features a section on colorful and ethnic retail therapy, and stories on a coastal getaway, inspired living, African elegance… and style files that are drool worthy.

Rainbow Color For Your Home Decor

Rainbow Color For Your Home Decor

Being an Australian magazine the editor presents her style files in an interesting and different light which is important to me as I have a lot of Australian customers that shop at my Etsy Store.

Grab a fresh cup of coffee, put your feet up and get your sunglasses on… you’re in for some bright and colorful eye candy in this edition of Ivy and Piper! Pop back here afterwards and tell us the new ideas it inspired.   Cheers Christine

Lonny Magazine -  Home Decor Ideas, Free Online Reading

Lonny Magazine March April 2012 Edition

Saturday morning and it’s raining again, but at least I get to read my Lonny Magazine that JUST ARRIVED in my inbox.

At a glance, this edition is even better than the last. Their photography is just amazing and I especially love their sourcing information and interactive links to everything that catches my attention. Usually I’m just into the home decor but this time every page is full of  inspiration for me…. OMG look at this purse…

Purse with bow front

Amazing Purse with a Chanel Look

I think I love this purse so much because it would look spectacular on a pillow front.   See… that is what I mean by creative inspiration! Fashion and home decor are so interrelated and together can influence advertising, manufacturing and a lot more!

Lonny Magazine - Home Decor Reading

Bohemian Rhapsody

I am so absorbed by Bohemian design lately,  probably because it is such a strong decorative pillow trend.  Gasp!… check out the drapery canopy above.  Note to self… I need to start selling drapery clients on this look – must make up samples.  I think I may start with this article on page 186 and work my way backwards through the magazine.

Curl up with your laptop this weekend  and  Lonny Magazine March April 2012 Edition  Have a good soak in brilliant creativity and fresh design.  Pop back here and tell us what your favorite bits were.  Cheers Christine


Free Online Decor and Lifestyle Magazine

Global Decor Design with an Australian Twist - An Inspirational Read


Collecting design and home decor magazines just to look at decorative throw pillows,  is an incurable habit I can’t break. I’m especially all over  digital publications…  FREE and just so much easier to save tons of  ideas without cannibalizing the pages.

The latest edition of  EST Magazine was released today and it’s had me totally absorbed! More than 40 of its 129  pages had some view of  decorative throw pillows…. gorgeous designs and interesting arrangements.  Equally interesting were the pages and pages of trend reports and their article on vintage – real or copycats.

“Vintage originals are design de rigueu.. retro is the rebirth of cool”.  That’s such good news because I’m still schlepping  around “stuff ”  that  I grew up with. That means I’m cool too, right?

Hmmm…  I guess that makes my two vintage sisters, who are much, much older than I am, VERY COOL TOO. 🙂  Anyways, EST Magazine has great retro styling ideas worth checking out!

Throw Pillow Styling

Layering Throw Pillows on a Sofa

Here’s a layering of 3 pillows… one square and the other 2 rectangular with one up on end.  Standing pillows up on end, where the height is longer than the width, is a styling trend that we are seeing more of. Looks like there could be at lease 6 pillows on this sofa.  Complimentary, solid colored, knife-edged pillows inject some color and character in a quietly casual room.

Eclectic Throw Pillows

Eclectic Throw Pillows

I love the contrast of this dark wool lumbar pillow next to the sequined square silver one. There should be more pillows with buttons! I love love pillows with buttons!

Check out the fun black and white striped rug on page 60 and the black and white sofa on page 89. That explains why I ship a lot of  black and white striped throw pillows to Australians!

Put your feet up, you’re in for a good read.

EST Digital Magazine

Subscribe to a good read at EST Magazine.




Christmas Decorative Pillows in Red white Green

Christmas Decorative Pillows in Red White Green - $10 Doorcrasher

Decorate for the holidays and fill your cart with Christmas gifts in a one stop shopping trip to my PillowThrowDecor‘s Cyber Monday $10 deals. Since 12:01 am Black Friday, pillows have been flying off the shelves beyond what I could ever have expected… but I guess so, with some of the prices being 50% to 85% off.  Hey…. I believe in “go big or go home”!

Last night, I filled the shelves again with lots of new Christmas decorative throw pillows… like this one which matches the one featured above.

Red Christmas Throw Pillows

Red Christmas Throw Pillows - $10 Doorcrasher

Add one more to the ensemble like this one…

Colorful Striped Christmas Decorative Pillows

Colorful Striped Christmas Decorative Pillows $10 Doorcrasher

Lots of Christmas dinners are coming up… how about a lovely little hostess gift like this one… and for only $10

Homespun Christmas Pillow - Cream and Red Ticking

Homespun Christmas Pillow - Cream and Red Ticking - Perfect Hostess Gift

…Which matches these Christmas bags beautifully.  Tuck a jar of preserves in a bag and bring it to the Christmas party for the gift exchange.

Christmas Burlap Gift Bag in Red and Cream

Christmas Burlap Gift Bag in Red and Cream... Another 10$ deal!

There are some people that seem to be impossible to shop for… they don’t care about anything other then their pets.  How about this for their “Kitty Kids”?

Christmas Pet Cat Gift Bag

Christmas Pet Cat Gift Bag set of 2 for $10

But then, why not spoil yourself and the family with some too cute Christmas stockings like these ones?

Black and white plaid Christmas stockings

Black and White Plaid Christmas Stockings - 10$ deals

Check them out… there are a lot more 10$ deal at  Pillowthrowdecor.  Click on the  Black Friday Section on the left side of the page and check out 4 full pages!



Red Christmas Pillow

Red Christmas Pillow... $10 Black Friday Deal

With ten dollar deals on over 100 decorative throw pillows there is  something for everybody.  Splash some fresh color in your living room for the holidays, or go gift shopping because there are some insanely good buys.

Check out this one below… wouldn’t this make a great gift for a little girls bed?

Girl's Whimsical Decorative Pillow

Girl's Whimsical Decorative Pillow - 10$ Deal

Get ready for spring  with some fresh pastel colored pillows … like Easter colors!

pastel colored decorative pillow

Pastel colored decorative pillow cover... NEW! 10$ Deal

How about a thoughtful gift for a teacher who you know is a real cat lover.

Cat Christmas stocking

Cat Christmas stocking for the "Kiddy Kid" - $10 Black Friday Deal

Or why not just go crazy spoiling yourself with this one?

green decorative pillow

Gorgeous Green Pillow - $10 Black Friday Deal

Or this one… Regularly priced at $59!!!

Jacobean decorative pillow

Long Jacobean Bolster Pillow

Set your watch… this pillow sale starts at 12:01 am (ET), November 25. at PillowThrowDecor .   It is definitely worth staying awake for.  Which ones are your favorites???

Cheers Christine

Ikat Pillow Cover

Ikat Decorative Pillow- Black Friday - Cyber Monday Deal

The price of this decorative throw pillow  will drop below $10 at 12.01am,  November 25.  That will be a 65% discount. This is not a seconds… this is a really popular pillow cover in my current line. But there’s just one at this price so be ready for this one and many more pillows, Christmas stockings and gift bags.

As many as 100 items at PillowThrowDecor on Etsy  will be reduced to $10 or less.  Check out my shop sections on the left hand side of the screen for  BLACK FRIDAY DEALS.  Favorite or bookmark some of the 40 items that are already set aside for mark down.  Another 60 to come!

Some will be previewed here but not in the store.  So, become a follower of PillowhrowDecor here, and get the inside scoop on the huge price cuts coming for Friday.

luxury orange decorative pillow

Abstract Gold and Orange Glam Pillow - 10$ Black Friday Deal

All day long there are going to be blowout prices with most at between 50 – 80% discount!   Sale will extend to CyberMonday but the best ones always go first, so  get there early.  Check out some more of the deals below…

cat Christmas stocking

Too Cute Cat Christmas Stocking - 10$ or less on Friday

Rainbow Red and Pink Striped Decorative Pillows

Rainbow Red and Pink Striped Decorative Pillows - Fabric Strips- 10$ Black Friday Deal

These were just so much fun to make along with the other “strip sewn” pillows…  here is another that will be marked down for Friday

Bright Colorful Throw Pillows

Bright Colorful Throw Pillows - 10$ Black Friday Deal

Stop by here again tomorrow for some sneak previews that NO ONE knows about yet! 🙂  Cheers Christine

Lonny Magazine September October 2011 Issue

Lonny Magazine September October 2011 Issue

It’s been so busy getting my fall decorative pillow collection finished and on the Etsy store shelves but I always take time to read the latest editions of my favorite online magazines and the Lonny Mag is on the top of that list!

One of my favorite articles was their recommended reading list. I love having an excuse to buy more decorating books. Check it out on page 66.

LonnyMag Suggested Reading

LonnyMag Suggested Reading

And check out this great article on rug buying tips!

Tips on Buying a Rug

Tips on Buying a Rug

There’s something going on at page 123-124 that looks like a crime scene.

Lonny Mag Abstract Wall Painting

Crime Scene???

If I came home and saw that, I’d call the cops.  Hmmm… but that is just my humble opinion. I’m sure that artist would look at this unusual pillow and say “OMG… quick… kill it”.

There’s tons of inspiration that I need to go back to clip, file and tag… so much easier than printed magazines. Don’t you just love online magazines?  Pop over to the LonnyMag September Issue, then come back here and tell us your favorite page, article or product.

Cheers Christine

BTW… here is a preview of what I have been working on …  Happy Pillows 🙂

Color Me Happy Pillows

Color Me Happy Pillows

Red and white Striped patio Pillows

Red and White Striped Patio Pillows - 30% Clearance Sale -NOW ONLY $20

It`s been a terribly short summer here in Vancouver, Canada, so all the more reason to add some bright and cheerful patio pillows to our outside living areas.  With summer half over, its  great fun to snag a heap of cheap and cheerful  summer clearance sales early!

These patio pillows are fade and mildew resistant to handle the outside elements but there is no reason not to bring them indoors and enjoy them all year round.  But don`t fill up all your indoor pillow perches yet because you need to save some room for a fabulous 2011 FALL COLLECTION that I am getting ready.

With an eclectic collection of over 300 pillows in my Etsy store and icraft.ca (Canadian) store,  the whole point of this patio pillow sale is to make room in the store for MORE NEW pillows … LOTS MORE! Most of these patio pillow designs will be on sale until cleared out or until August 31 and some are already in very limited supply. If you see something here that says `buy me, buy me`… grab it now.

Here is a sampling of those  great summer deals you should jump on!  By the way… check back in a few days because I will be showing you `Cheap and Cheerful Summer Pillows`that will be cleared out this month too.

Striped Decorative Patio pillow

Sassy Yellow, Green and Red Striped Patio Pillow 30% Clearance Sale

And here is the coordinating floral pillow to the sassy striped pillow above… Love the bold red here!

Red Floral Outside Patio Pillows Sale Discount

Red floral Outside Patio Pillow 30% Clearance Sale

This turquoise pillow has been the most popular patio pillow so far this summer…

Turquoise Decorative Patio Pillows

Turquoise Decorative Patio Pillow SALE $20

Green Trellis Patio pillow

Apple Green Trellis Patio Pillow SALE $20

Black and White Greek Key Patio Throw Pillow

Black and White Greek Key Pillow SALE $20

And there`s more clearance priced decorative  pillows . Leave a comment here as to which one you like the best …  Cheers Christine

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